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Touch it. Feel it.

Degrees of Perfect presented by Lennox

Art that transforms with temperature.

Beat Bikes

Each bike is a different instrument and your RPM influences the BPM. Everything was synced with Ableton and we remixed songs using stems from local bands.

GE Carousolar at SXSW 2011

Making the power of the sun tangible. Barbarian has a nice little case study on their Vimeo page.

The GE Show

The GE Show is a great example of non-linear storytelling. A nice little case study lives on the Barbarian Vimeo page and explains how all the elements work together.

Don't Mess With Texas

Don't Mess With Texas

Don't Mess With Texas has always been a litter campaign... so to re-launch things we spent the media budget on trash cans. Each can is a FourSquare location and has a custom message for the location, this is in Marfa.