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What is a Rye?



Break the rules, make the rules.


Rye likes solving problems in new and unorthodox ways, whether streamlining internal processes or designing new digital tools. He doesn’t think advertising and marketing. He thinks solutions.

He helped CNN architect new tools for consuming the news, launched GE’s first integrated content series, and wrote the strategy that helped Walmart achieve the biggest sales day for any company in the history of commerce. Rye has been a part of launching an IP-based in-store-network, integrated co-op plans, a solar carousel, and a couple of wildly-successful Super Bowl campaigns.

Rye has been a strategist, a product director, an experience director, and a creative director… sometimes in the same day... sometimes in the same meeting.

He is currently working on an artificial intelligence platform to automate organizational decision making.



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Some news things.


That time I made a YouTube video about Dove and Axe being owned by Unilever, then it made global news, then Unilever changed world-wide marketing practices.

Avoid Humans has been called one of the top 3 innovations to come out of SXSW... but this is a news section, so here is a USA Today front page article.

When I talked about to CNBC about data and Snapchat.

When I talked to AdWeek about feeling weird wearing Snapchat Spectacles.

I was quoted on Breitbart. Never talked to 'em, but it is a damn fine quote... looks like they borrowed it from Digiday.